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Rosewood COVID-19 ReSPONSE

In early March, COVID-19 hit our community and we were forced to close our doors to our community center. Immediately we knew that the Rosewood community would be one of the most negatively impacted by this pandemic, and we saw it as our duty to ensure that we could support our Rosewood neighbors more than ever.

Guerreras Latinas COVID-19 Relief Fund

With the COVID-19 crisis, many of the women participants and their families have been sharing about their struggles financially, they did not have the option to work from home, do not qualify for unemployment benefits, SNAP, or other government assistance and would not be receiving a federal stimulus check.

We launched a Guerreras Latinas COVID-19 Relief Fund in March 2020 and raised $20,000 to help about 100 participants in the program. We were able to support these women and their families with partial rent payments, food, utility payments, and household necessities like personal hygiene, cleaning supplies, and their basic necessities.

Virtual Legal Services Day Events

Hosted our widely requested and utilized Legal Services Day online in partnership with Metropolitan Public Defenders office and Multnomah County. Legal Services Day is an opportunity for people who have fines and fees in Multnomah County cleared off their record, in exchange for community service hours. Because of COVID-19, participants were not required to do community service to not expose them to unhealthy conditions.

We were able to offer two of these events in June 2020 and November 2020, and supported 600 community members.

Block Grant - Small Business Relief

In partnership with Prosper Portland, we were able to provide grants to 27 local small businesses that have been negatively impacted by COVID-19.

Over half of our grant awardees are immigrants, over 80% are Black/African American, Latinx, or Asian, and all are dedicated to their communities.

COVID-19 Household Assitance Program (CVHAP)

With The City of Portland Housing Bureau, we were able to provide over 650 community members with $500 household cards.

Bhutanese COVID-19 Response

In June 2020, we learned through our regular community wellness check-in calls that many of our Bhutanese community members had gotten sick with COVID-19. We partnered with Kirat Cultural Society of Oregon and were able to deliver COVID-19  care supplies to over 140 households.

Digital Equity

Provided over 500 digital devices and over 1,000 internet assistance cards to community members to bridge the digital divide in partnership with the City of Portland's Smart City PDX and Oregon Health Authority. This work included an intentional focus on disability communities and elders.

Supporting community members by providing digital literacy courses in partnership with MetroEast Media.

Know Your Rights

Hosting COVID-19 specific legal presentation and workshop in partnership with Oregon Law Center and Legal Aid Services of Oregon on topics such as housing, employment and family leave.

Wraparound Services

Providing support and resources to COVID-19 positive community members towards eliminating barriers to isolation and quarantine in partnership with the Oregon Health Authority.

Send a Meal, Support Rosewood Business

With limited funds from Prosper Portlands, we started a program supporting two local Rosewood restaurants, Nelly's Taqueria and Chai Thai, to provide dinner weekly for the residents of Human Solutions' two emergency shelters. We were able to provide 6,000 meals and added another local business, Everybody Eats PDX to support and provide food.

Food Security Program

Hosting COVID-19 specific legal presentation and workshop in partnership with Oregon Law Center and Legal Aid Services of Oregon on topics such as housing, employment and family leave.

Emergency Supplies

Distributed household goods and emergency supplies such as gloves, 10,00 facemasks, and hand sanitizer in partnership with Multnomah County Emergency Operations Center and City of Portland Emergency Coordination Center.

Warm Winter

Provided hygiene supplies and warm winter care items to community members in partnership with Butterfly Boxes.

Emergency Supplies

Took our English class programming online to build a sense of community and belongings and amongst neighbors.

Proactive Health Care

Hosted a flu clinic in partnership with Multnomah County REACH and a health fair in partnership with Micronesian Islander Community of Oregon.

Oregon's Covid-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee

Ensuring our neighbors' voices are heard and reflected in decision-making processes by being a part of the COVID-19 Vaccine Advisory Committee.

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