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We are Rosewood

We’ve been collecting stories from community members. Everyone has a story and all of these shared experiences come together to make Rosewood stronger.


“When I first came to Rosewood, I was looking for assistance in finding a job. They recommended me to come see Sandra from Worksource Gresham. I had mentioned to her that I was also looking for a volunteer opportunity and she suggested that Rosewood was a great place to do so. I started volunteering at Rosewood, helping at the front desk mostly for people that spoke Spanish. One of my goals was to learn English better, and being able to come and help out, I was able to be around other people to practice the language more. Rosewood staff has taken the time to teach me 30-minute lessons, twice a week and I am feeling more confident in learning. I love coming to Rosewood, staff members really care about you, I feel like everyone is my friend. I am finding out about all these different opportunities and resources I did not know of, and I can take advantage of them and also share them with my neighbors. I feel prideful to tell people that I volunteer at Rosewood, I love coming here. It brings me joy to be able to contribute to my community, and I keep learning and keep growing in doing so.”

Dennis Rojas-Juarez  2019


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